Developing a natural range...

Societal trends in recent years have led Alinova to work with veterinary consultants to develop innovative product ranges to bring you 100% natural and organic products for a range of physiological targets.

What’s more, our solutions are designed to be added to drinking water or to the finished feed as a premix.

At the same time, we can work with you to develop product formulas to match your own specific needs. All phytotherapeutic compounds in our range are dosed in the same way as additives.

Alinova works closely with both its suppliers and French R&D companies accredited by
the Ministry of Higher Education and Research to run field trials to certify our products.

What’s New...

logo produit V coxy

Natural coccidiosis management

A supplement composed of all-natural active ingredients that help combat coccidiosis (Eimeria). 

logo produit Aliroma

Appetite stimulant

Aliroma is a technological solution to coat your mash without usingfines, while improving the palatability of your food

Methane reducer

Composed of aromatic substances, Metanova is a solution for reducing enteric methane in cows while improving the dairy performance of the herd

Partenariat alinova

Production service provider for your additive premixes...

Alinova can manufacture your formulas to your own specifications (formulation, factory requirements, etc.).

We will always respect your choice of raw materials and additives – without external constraints – so that we can create the formula to your own original specifications.

Ultimately, our business model is based on listening to your needs. Our industrial and commercial organisation is structured to ensure responsiveness and proximity with our customer partners.