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Alinova offers a nutritional range tailored to pigs, with a personalised service for each of our customer partners, in order to:

  • Develop formulas that meet precise physiological needs at each stage of production.
  • Strategy for reducing use of medication in livestock farming.
  • Track the launch, marketing and sales development of your range by carrying out quarterly or half-yearly steering committee meetings, as you see fit, attended by product managers and technical sales agents.

To help you understand how a nutritional range is launched, Alinova can develop a species-specific nutrition programme for you. This nutritional guide is especially appreciated by our customers’ new hires.

Product Applications...

PFiber : Phytotherapeutic complex and plant fibres used in the case of digestive disorders, particularly weaning, digestive stress, and diarrhoea.

PDIGEST : Probiotic complexes and plant fibres combined with Pdigest plants extracts, used in the case of digestive disorders, particularly during weaning, digestive stress and diarrhoea.

PSTIM : Strengthens the flock’s immune defences. Reduces stress reactions. Premix to be added to finished feed.

PCARE : Phytotherapeutic complex promoting the reuptake of calcium in sows and piglets. Premix to be added to finished feed.

PCAL : Rich in drinkable calcium, Pcal prepares future breeding livestock for good tonicity at farrowing. Supports sow breeding.

PPROLIFICITY : Preparation for oestrus and breeding. Improved prolificity thanks to its intake of B9 and beta carotene.

PDRY : Helps stabilise electrolyte balance to boost food and water intake. Mitigation of stress reactions, heat stroke, intra-digestive alkalosis, blood acidosis. Provide energy for suckling piglets.

PFERRINE : Supplements iron to newborn piglets. Made using iron chelate and organic selenium. Available in liquid format.

PVIVA : Protects the animal thanks to its immune support and antioxidant properties, and improves the animal’s immune status. Available in powder and liquid formats.

POXI+ : Antioxidant pellet to be added directly into the feed. Poxi+ combats oxidative stress (immunosuppression) during post-weaning but also in sows (oxidative stress in gestation). Can be used on poultry for hatchability issues, and to support the performance of breeders.

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